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Quality Treats Dog Hamper (Decorative Box Version) – Loads of Lovely Dog Treats


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Quality Treats Dog Hamper (Decorative Box Version) – Loads of Lovely Dog Treats


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The Decorative Box version of our BEST SELLING hamper. Packed with the most fantastic dog rewards. An ideal dog gift or everyday treat your dog will love.

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This Dog Hamper by Just Reward Pet Hampers is crammed full of posh quality dog treats. When you know ‘only the best’ is good enough. The ideal Gift for Dog Lovers. All packed together in a lovely decorative box that you can use time and time again.

Full of posh gourmet treats for the most discerning doggy taste buds.

Contents of this Dog Hamper:

Bottom Sniffer Beer For Dogs (330 ml)

Providing the ultimate refreshment after a hard day, this non-alcoholic non- carbonated doggy tipple will give dogs a real tail swagger making them leader of the pack.

Lily’s Kitchen Sunday Lunch for Dogs (400 g)

A good Sunday lunch is one of those wonderful meals that brings everyone together. Your dog will love being served their very own handsome helping with this delicious recipe.

It is made using chicken and fresh vegetables, including sugar snap peas, carrots and spinach, with a burst of juicy apple. It’s a comforting, cosy dish that’s perfect to come home to after a lovely, long walk with the family.

Lily’s Kitchen make this recipe with freshly prepared, wholesome meat, vegetables, herbs – flowers and leaves – to produce a temptingly tasty, digestible food for dogs.

They use only real meat: no rendered animal parts, carcass or derivatives, nothing genetically modified, no added fillers, no artificial flavourings, colours, or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya.

Harringtons Grain Free Salmon & Potato with Vegetables (150g)

This delicious recipe has:

•Grain-free formulation suitable for dogs with more sensitive digestions.
•Green Lipped Mussel – a rich source of omega fats, glucosamine and chondroitin.
•Green Tea – rich in health promoting natural antioxidants.
•Rosehips – rich in vitamin C which is known to support a healthy immune system.
•Chicory Extract – a prebiotic known to promote digestive health.
•Dried Tomato – a natural source of the antioxidant lycopene.
•Kelp – a natural source of minerals and trace elements.
•Botanical Herbs – including parsley, basil and rosemary.
•No artificial colours or flavours, no dairy,

Laughing Dog Cheesy Oaties (250g)

Wheat Free biscuit treats in velcro resealable bags to keep product fresh.

Great tasting Lincolnshire Poachers Cheesy Treats

Made with Barley & Oats from the farm with no added wheat, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, meat or soya.

The scouring action of crunching the hard biscuit can help to remove plaque from teeth.

Broccoli is also an antioxidant helping support a healthy immune system.

Canola (Rapeseed Oil) is an essential fat acid to help maintain overall health.

Parsley helps to maintain fresh breath.

Alfie’s Diner Scrunptious Salmon. 

Alfie’s Diner are  gourmet dog treats made with wholesome ingredients. Each treat has a crispy shell and a soft creamy centre containing healthy canola oil (1.5% Omega-3 & 6) which aids joint care and healthy skin and coat that dogs will love. Not only are they delicious but they are healthy too with no artificial anything!



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  • Dog’s Perfect Day Hamper

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    We named this Dog Hamper ‘Perfect Day’ because we believe that it will provide your Dog with exactly that.  Get up to some ‘Rise & Shine’ biscuits. Mooch around a bit till noon then crack open the Beer. Have a bit of a kip until dinner then tuck into some Salmon & Potato with Vegetables. Have a run around until evening and unwind with a nice class of vino  Then finally when it is basket time say goodnight by having a nice relaxing Bedtime Biscuit. Does a day really get more perfect than that?