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Christmas Dog Hamper (Ultimate Version) – Ideal Dog Hamper Christmas Gift


Christmas Dog Hamper (Ultimate Version) – Ideal Dog Hamper Christmas Gift


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The Ultimate Luxury Dog Hamper to spoil your beloved pooch over the Christmas Period. Pet Hampers don’t get better than this!

All the contents are long dated so will last well into the new Year.

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If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas Dog Gift, then look no further. This Christmas Dog Hamper by Just Reward Pet Hampers really is the ultimate.  It is crammed full of posh quality dog goodies, toys and grooming products. When you know ‘only the best’ is good enough. The ideal Dog Christmas Present. Whether this Pet Hamper is for your own adorable pooch or that of a friend, it is an ideal way of showing how much you love them.


Dog’s Christmas Dinner (400g) 

This Three Bird Feast by Lily’s Kitchen is the ideal slap up dinner for your loved pooch over the Christmas period.

Packed with freshly prepared turkey, duck and goose and a jolly sprinkling of parsnips and cranberries. It is hypoallergenic and grain free. There are no artificial colours, additives, rendered meats or derivatives, soya or fillers. Just wholesome delicious stuff.

Dog Beer

Drinking a beer with our palls is a great way to share moments, special moments, the Best Moments.

Now this can be done with that other best friend of yours': your dog. Snuffle Dog Beer is made with beef or chicken and malt barley extracts, mineral oils, vitamin B and other doggy goodies for a taste that will have dogs’ taste buds twitching. Just like your pint does for you. And because only the best is good enough for our best friends, Snuffle has been brewed with ingredients that are also used in products for human consumption.

Snuffle contains no alcohol and is non-sparkling.



Woof & Brew Pawsecco Rose Non Alcoholic Dog Wine

A healthy herbal infusion of Elderflower, Nettle Ginseng and Limeflower coloured with natural carrot juice. This healthy herbal infusion creates a delicious ‘au jus’ and means you can share the experience of a relaxing tipple with your four legged best friend.


Lily’s Festive Biscuits (100 g)

These delicious Christmassy dog biscuits are lovingly baked and 100% natural, bursting with freshly-prepared turkey, cranberries and thyme, plus a sprinkling of yummy cinnamon. They are presented beautifully in a red cracker shaped box


Harringtons Grain Free Salmon & Potato with Vegetables (150g)

This delicious recipe has:

•Grain-free formulation suitable for dogs with more sensitive digestions.
•Green Lipped Mussel – a rich source of omega fats, glucosamine and chondroitin.
•Green Tea – rich in health promoting natural antioxidants.
•Rosehips – rich in vitamin C which is known to support a healthy immune system.
•Chicory Extract – a prebiotic known to promote digestive health.
•Dried Tomato – a natural source of the antioxidant lycopene.
•Kelp – a natural source of minerals and trace elements.
•Botanical Herbs – including parsley, basil and rosemary.
•No artificial colours or flavours, no dairy.

Truly Naturals Venison Sausage (60 g)

A delicate string of sausages are made to a moreish, nutritious recipe. Top cuts of British, grass fed venison are expertly blended with sweet potato and apple cider vinegar, blackberry and thyme then naturally air dried to perfection to lock in their nutrients. Have some of these training treats handy for a focused hound!

These treats are free from artificial flavourings and colourings and other nasty additives, so your dog’s less likely to become over excited (or badly behaved!) after a treat. As the venison is grass fed, these sausages can offer the benefits of fatty acids as well which is good for the head to paw health of your dog.

  • Perfect to pop in your pocket for training time
  • Naturally air dried for maximum nutrition
  • Top cuts of British grass fed venison
  • A delicate string of tasty sausages that’s easy to pull apart


Betty Miller’s Chubby Dog Treats

Wheat Free, All Natural, No added Sugar. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Just good yummy stuff.


Lily’s Slow Cooked Lamb Hotpot (200g)

This scrumptious complete canned dog food is made with freshly prepared cuts of lamb, organic brown rice, and lots of organic vegetables and fruits including organic squash, organic broccoli and organic blueberries. The recipe includes our unique blend of herbs to help provide optimum health benefits for your dog.

Only real meat: no rendered animal parts, carcass or derivatives, nothing genetically modified, no artificial preservatives, colours, taste enhancers or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya. We use only wholesome meats, grains, herbs – roots, flowers and leaves, fruit and vegetables – to produce a delicious, nutritious, digestible food for your dog.


Red Berry Boost Natural Snack Bar for Dogs

Each pack contains 2 x snap-and-snack bars

Again by the wonderful Lily’s Kitchen Dog Bakery. Perfect for busy dogs on the go, you can keep these natural snack bars with you to keep your pet ultra-nourished – any time, anywhere. Hand-baked and crammed with healthy super foods, this delicious recipe contains an antioxidant-powered blast of red fruits, including cranberries, raspberries, goji berries and rosehips.

Each snack bar is nutritionally complete (so can be fed as a meal replacement if you’re away at dinnertime), packed with protein from nutritious chicken liver and bursting with healthy botanicals.

No synthetic additives are used, so you can trust these delightfully crunchy bars to contain nothing but the very best natural ingredients. Only real meat: no rendered animal parts, carcass or derivatives, nothing genetically modified, no artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya.


Lily’s Venison & Wild Boar Terrine –  Ideal Boxing Day Dinner! (400 g)

This unique hypoallergenic grain-free recipe is made with freshly prepared venison and wild boar. It’s made with lots of veg and fruit together with a unique blend of botanical herbs, including dandelion and burdock root. They’ve also included hemp oil renowned for its health benefits and its rich source of rare essential fatty acids. This recipe is suitable for allergic dogs on exclusion diets.

Only real meat: no rendered animal parts or derivatives, nothing genetically modified, no artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya. They use only wholesome meats, herb flowers and leaves, fruit and vegetables to produce a delicious, digestible food for dogs.


Lily’s ‘Other’ Festive Biscuits (100 g)

Ideal for taking on those Christmas works, beautifully presented in a red postal box tube.


Dog’s Sunday Lunch (400g)

Lily’s Kitchen Sunday Lunch for Dogs.

A good Sunday lunch is one of those wonderful meals that brings everyone together. Your dog will love being served their very own handsome helping with this delicious recipe.

It is made using chicken and fresh vegetables, including sugar snap peas, carrots and spinach, with a burst of juicy apple. It’s a comforting, cosy dish that’s perfect to come home to after a lovely, long walk with the family.

Lily’s Kitchen make this recipe with freshly prepared, wholesome meat, vegetables, herbs – flowers and leaves – to produce a temptingly tasty, digestible food for dogs.

They use only real meat: no rendered animal parts, carcass or derivatives, nothing genetically modified, no added fillers, no artificial flavourings, colours, or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya.

Suitable for adult dogs.


Organic Bedtime Biscuits

Say goodnight before going to basket with these delicious dog treats. Organic oats and rye flour are traditionally baked and include probiotic yoghurt, honey, passion and chamomile flowers to aid digestion. They’re also hypoallergenic, wheat-gluten free and low in fat and do not contain any chemicals or anything artificial.
Jewelled Dog Tag

This stylish black diamante ‘woof’ tag will give any dog a touch of class. Has an extra thick epoxy coating to protect the face of the tag. Comes with a diamante inset in the face of the tag to give it that extra bling!



All the above items are long dated so will last well into the new Year.

If you would like this hamper but would like to change one or more of the contents you could either email david@justrewardpethampers.co.uk to tell me what you would like. It might very well be possible for us to do some swaps for you or alternatively you could construct a Christmas Dog Hamper yourself by using our Pick ‘n’ Mix option Pick ‘n’ Mix