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  • Dog’s Perfect Day Hamper

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    We named this Dog Hamper ‘Perfect Day’ because we believe that it will provide your Dog with exactly that.  Get up to some ‘Rise & Shine’ biscuits. Mooch around a bit till noon then crack open the Beer. Have a bit of a kip until dinner then tuck into some Salmon & Potato with Vegetables. Have a run around until evening and unwind with a nice class of vino  Then finally when it is basket time say goodnight by having a nice relaxing Bedtime Biscuit. Does a day really get more perfect than that?

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    Quality Treats Dog Hamper (Decorative Box Version) – Loads of Lovely Dog Treats

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    The Decorative Box version of our BEST SELLING hamper. Packed with the most fantastic dog rewards. An ideal dog gift or everyday treat your dog will love.

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